“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” John Dewey
September 26, 2018
Paulo dos Santos’s Speech at the Dunoon School Education Device Donation Event.
March 11, 2019

How John Paulo and Jorge Sa Couto created one of the biggest Information Technology company in the World.
Like some of the biggest tech companies in the world, JP Group was created in1989 in a a 25 square meter garage . The company now looks nothing like it did twenty-nine years ago, it has grown tremendously, the business has diversified, and the investment portfolio has multiplied.
Birth of JP Group
Filled with ambition, persistence and flexibility, the then JP Sa Couto was created by brothers, John Paul and Jorge Sa Couto. In 1987 after a series of computers were introduced into the market, Jorge and John were one of the first of few people to repair computers from their garage. They wanted to make a difference with a message of commitment and trust. It was hard, but they managed to gain trust. They lost some money in the process, but they gained confidence and credibility. The duo finally moved into their first office, where they hired a third person to help them.

First big brand and Awards
In 1994 they created the first Portuguese computer brand, TSUNAMI which was a hit worldwide, and was heavily promoted by the Japanese. From 1999 onwards, their reputation grew. From 2002-2006 they created big retail brands. Awards and recognition started pouring in. They were awarded with the biggest manufacturer award, largest number of PCs sold, and biggest brand prizes such as Microsoft. In 2006 JP Sa Couto was the biggest in Portugal competing with other big brands worldwide.

Getting into Education
In 2007, Microsoft and Intel challenged the brothers to introduce machines for e-schools programmes. They were to create and supply computers to students and teachers. This demanded some form of organisational structure different to what they were used to. It was a unique challenge which they welcomed. They had to put in more hours and travel a lot more. The programme was called e-schools at the time. The timing was perfect because the world was prepared for unique infrastructure and there was need for a technological leap in schools.

After successfully taking up e-learning, JP Sa Couto took up e-learning projects to different parts of the world. Their first successful project was the reference project in Venezuela where eight million computers were sold, then Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Kenya etc. These international projects led to the development of the Jp-ik Education Ecosystem which involved the creation of factories in countries where they were involved. Pedagogical training began, these projects brought in the need for a more social approach. This diversification also brought in the need for partnerships around the world as a result jobs were created, and they managed to transform the paradigm of bringing technologies into education.

Inspiring Knowledge
Today Jp-ik is one of the biggest Own Design Manufactures in the world. Jp-ik develops innovative and sustainable technological solutions that enable, through Knowledge, the transformation of Societies and People, building bridges between generations and cultures.”
“We provide global access to Knowledge by offering solutions of excellence.”

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