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Assessment and Impact Analysis

In a pedagogical context, it is crucial to not only understand the magnitude of the benefits arising from the implemented courses, but also monitor the courses as they are taught. Assessment is crucial, since the introduction of the necessary adjustments contributes to the achievement of the expected objectives within the pedagogical scope.

The assessment methodology of jp.ik is based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis. The qualitative analysis is dedicated to the results of the students in particular, and of the educational communities in general. Regular monitoring permits the continuous redefinition of the pedagogical objectives during the implementation of a pedagogical project. Quantitative analysis, on the other hand, is based on the concept of Motivation through a systematic portfolio of assessment resources whose target audiences are the students, teachers and parents. The objective thus consists in assessing the impact of the pedagogical projects on the target audiences which, in turn, are particularly important and useful in the contexts in which professional development is essential.