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The integration of technological educational projects (EdTech) must not be limited to being supported by efficient infrastructures. It is essential that integration be based on a systematic and relevant reference basis, creating opportunities for the target audiences of the projects to acquire the necessary skills for more strategic and efficient decision-making, thus focusing on improving literacy with a view to skills development.

The aim of the Consultancy services of jp.ik is to make an impact in the medium to long term:

  • Training throughout life
  • Improve skills in the area of critical thinking
  • Creativity and knowledge
  • Better academic performance
  • Reduction of the school drop out rate
  • Fairness and equal opportunities
  • More comprehensive and deeper knowledge
  • Greater social participation and Democracy
  • Encourage the mother-child relationship in the Health area
  • Increased employment and employability
  • Encourage productivity gains
The purpose of jp.ik is to thus support governments in the process of implementation of significant changes in teaching systems. Consultancy therefore includes contextual assessment methodologies based on integrated procedures that are perfectly aligned with the tools proposed by UNESCO.

jp.ik dedicates itself to the design and collaborative development of educational projects that connect communities to the rest of the world, preserving their cultural roots and identities. Therefore, Consultancy in the context of Education is thus relevant with respect to: the design of educational projects that integrate technology; support in the development of professional courses; and assessment of the courses developed and needs assessment which are essential for the efficient design of new educational projects.