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Inspiring Knowledge Ecosystem is a multidisciplinary and integrated ecosystem that empowers the use of technology in education. Each branch is a fundamental part of jp.ik’s offer tailored to create, integrate and spread the best practices in the use of ICT in the education. It works as an alliance between Technology, Engineering and Pedagogy as part of a long term impacting education project. With this scope and commitment in mind we strive to fulfill each client and each project specific’s requirements, from early conception to final deployment.


At jp.ik we adapt the technology for use in the classroom, we advise teachers and ICT managers to use educational devices and tools that improve the performance of educational agents and promote the pedagogical practice of the school curriculum. jp.ik also features in its portfolio ikES - inspiring knowledge Education Software - a software package that provides all the necessary measures to help teachers in the classroom and engage students in learning activities.

Our software supports school learner activity, enabling new generations to innovate and opportunities for the future. It helps teachers create classroom environments and personalized learning experiences which empower students to succeed. Empowering students to succeed means giving each child the necessary skills and opportunities to excel in school and the job market.

21st century skills

This software helps students improve 21st century competencies such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and digital literacy in more engaging learning scenarios.


The Industrial Engineering component focuses on its area of operation, especially in the support centers and assembly units. These areas are dedicated to technical support, project design, repair centers, project management and industrial consulting.

jp.ik takes a giant step toward making Education accessible to all. Popup School is a fully integrated solution with a quick and simple deployment process that provides a sustainable educational center for communities that need quality infrastructure. The jp.ik Popup School offers a safe, healthy and inspiring learning environment.

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The pedagogical dimension defines pedagogical strategies and technological resources oriented to the learning outcomes.
  • Evaluation - support and influence a model of ICT integration in education
  • Project Design - alignment of the ICT integration model with the local educational project
  • Formation

  • ik-Model

    Guidance for the development of learning ecosystems.


    Approach and Formative Strategy.

    • Project-based training
    • Universality
    • Permeability to context
    • Scalability


    Types and Methodologies