jp.ik Showcases Popup School Solution in Africa
December 14, 2017
“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” John Dewey
September 26, 2018

What is Pedagogy in Education?

According to Wikipedia, Pedagogy is the academic discipline that deals with the theory and practice of teaching and how these influence student learning. Pedagogy informs teacher actions, judgments, and teaching strategies by taking into consideration theories of learning and understandings of students and their needs, and the backgrounds and interests of individual students. Pedagogy includes how the teacher interacts with students and the social and intellectual environment the teacher seeks to establish.
There is no ‘correct’ pedagogy for a sustainable education, but there is a broad consensus that it requires a shift towards active, participative, and experiential learning methods that engage the learner and make a real difference to their understanding, thinking and ability to act. Pedagogy encourages students to think outside the box at the same time creating conditions for creativity and innovation which may lead to even greater successes, this leads to collaborative learning.
Pedagogy is the driver, technology is the accelerator.
Technology alone without pedagogy will not achieve the desired results. Jp-ik has over thirty years’ experience in education and has managed to change communities through its unique pedagogical solution. Acquiring techno-pedagogical proficiencies make teaching and learning a pleasurable exercise as it would lessen the pressure on the teachers and enable the students to delve deeper into domain of knowledge. The education system is now witnessing a paradigm shift from the traditional chalk-and-board teaching methodology to digitizing the pedagogical approach through technical innovation. Such a transformation not only increases the capability of the teachers but widens the knowledge base of students so as to make them competitive in the international arena.
Today a classroom without technology is outdated. To be able to survive and be successful in the future school environment, teachers would need to acquire additional knowledge and skills, both general and specific, teachers play a vital role in realizing the educational goals of a dynamic society. The role of teacher is becoming more specific and specialized and yet demanding. There is a new world order on account of the explosion of knowledge and expansion of skills. The future of education for a sustainable development now lies in the hands of the teachers. Without pedagogy technology in the classroom is useless.

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